Walking throughout your entire lifetime is critical to maintaining good health.

Americans average 6,000 steps a day – that’s 1,400 miles a year! And, with each incorrect step habits are unconsciously formed that, over time, become more difficult to correct.

Ultimately, we walk less because it is no longer comfortable or easy.
Part 1 Dynamic Walking Online Courses

The question you have to ask yourself is…

"Why would I settle for declining health and decreased vitality, when all I need to do is simply walk smarter toward better health?"

“After developing the Dynamic Walking method, I’m now walking pain-free.”

"That's what I want for you.”

"Hello, I’m Dr. Suki Munsell and I’m so happy that you’ve decided to learn the simple steps and tips that I’ve developed to make your walk healthier, safer, and more relaxing.

As a somatic movement educator and walking coach for three decades, I have helped thousands of other people, just like you, transform poor walking habits into healthy ones.

The secrets of their health transformations are in this training that’s available to help you, too.

This step-by-step guide is easy-to-learn. Plus, the fun and engaging exercises are highly effective in improving your daily walk. Not only is my program comprehensive, it’s very affordable.

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Introducing Dynamic Walking℠ for Lifelong Legs

Students Get Results with Dynamic Walking℠

"With every step I improve my body mechanics, lift, alignment, & push-off." - Dana

"Sometimes I feel like my whole lower body is moving effortlessly." - Steve

"It helped improve the pain I was feeling in my hip. It helped me feel lighter." - Valonda

"When I walk I feel more balanced, lighter and more confident." - Susan

"After the first or second class, the downhill pain mysteriously disappeared." - Ellen

Here's What You'll Get
During Your Lifelong Legs Journey

  • Effective, easy to learn exercises with detailed, full-color photos

  • Powerful training tips to build dynamic posture, balance, and stride

  • 6 Audio Coached Walks leading you through the exercise lessons

  • A Dynamic Stretching video of 12 trailside exercises to keep the kinks out

  • 12 skill sets to build a resilient, all-terrain body

  • Optional weekly small-group Zoom Coaching to keep you motivated with Q and A

  • Prices you’ll love with deep discounts for signing up with a buddy

Part 1: Walk Strong with Effortless Ease
Unlock the secrets in your stride.
Discover your walking habits.
Learn 3 keys to growing lighter, taller, younger, and stronger as you walk.
Learn the trick to preventing falls on any terrain.
Part 1 Dynamic Walking Online Courses
Part 2: Rebalance, Rebuild, and Relax with Dynamic Stretching

Learn 12 quick & easy trailside exercises to keep the kinks out.
Release and realign your spine and shoulders.
Grow flexible in your hips and strong in your legs.

Part 2: Dynamic Walking Online Course
Part 3 - Build a Dynamic Stride

Unlock the story in your posture and rewrite your script.
Build dynamic balance for any terrain to take your posture into action.
Help heal injuries and prevent future ones.

Part 4: Learn the Biomechanics of Effortless Walking
Alternate effort with ease as you walk.
Relax your neck, shoulders, and hips as you swing your arms and legs.
Send core power through your arms and legs with every step.
Part 5 - Walk Strong, Walk Free
Free yourself from tension to build a graceful glide at any speed.
Pick up speed safely to build endurance and balance weight.
Climb stairs with ease and hike pain-free.

Three Program Options Tailored to Your Needs

Choose the Dynamic Walking℠ program that works for you.

  • Self-Paced

    This quick-start, foundational program is for every ability.

    • Build better posture and balance with every step
    • Improve biomechanics
    • Navigate stairs and slopes with ease
    • Feel confident on any trail
    • Increase walking speed safely
    • Enrich your walking workout
    • Ensure Lifelong Legs℠ now… and in the future

    This program is ongoing and can begin anytime.
    Register below.

  • Coached

    Add 10-weekly small-group Zoom Coaching sessions to my signature Self-Paced program. This option is for you if you’re looking for:

    • Small-group community and extra support
    • Live demonstration practice sessions
    • In-person answers to your questions
    • Discussion of recurring issues: sprains, knee or hip pain, etc.
    • Help for relief from mild to moderate pain
    • Access to recordings of Zoom Coaching sessions for 1 year

    Next session begins
    February 17, 2022

  • Personalized

    In addition to the foundational Self-Paced program, and group Coaching insights, you’ll receive 2 additional, private 50-minute coaching sessions with Dr. Suki. This option is perfect for course participants who:

    • Need private, individualized help
    • Are pre/post-surgery
    • Are able to walk but have intense pain
    • Want additional private coaching sessions for 1 year at a discount

    If this program interests you, contact Dr. Suki by email: drsuki@dynamicwalking.com

What Students Report
About Dynamic Walking℠

  • Now, I don't hurt when I walk.

    "I'd stopped going for walks because of the pain. Now, everything is better, I don’t hurt when I walk. This has given me a new lease on life. It's a miracle."
    - Pam D.
  • When the pain starts, I know what to do.

    "I could only walk 1/2 block before the pain started. The next week I could walk 6 blocks. Yesterday I was able to go downtown and stay on my feet for 4 hours, without pain. When the pain starts, I know what to do. I’m building better habits. I’m just thrilled."
    - Mandy G.
  • The curriculum is easy to follow.

    “The curriculum you have set up is great: it's easy to follow, just the right amount of material per lesson. I love the "bite-size" small steps concept you rely on throughout. I had noticed a declining ability to literally balance myself. I've definitely felt improvement."
    - Sandy L.

Dynamic Walking℠ Self-Paced Program

Receive Online Course
11 Lessons
6 Audio Coached Walks
Access to content for 1 year

Dynamic Walking℠ Coached Program

Next Session begins February 17, 2022
Everything in Self-Paced Program
Weekly Small-Group Zoom Coaching Sessions
(for 10 Weeks, Max group size of 24)
Access to ALL content for one year*
*(Online Course plus Coached Session Recordings)

Dynamic Walking Teacher Training Level 1 & 2

Begins Thursday, February 17, 2022
Level 1 includes everything in Coached Program
Weekly Small-Group Zoom Teacher Training Sessions
(for 10 Weeks)
Weekly Body Wisdom 101 classes (for 10 Weeks)
Access to ALL content for one year*
*(Online Course plus Coached & Training Session Recordings )

Level 2 is a continuation from current Fall 2021 Program
Sign up for both levels and save.

Dynamic Walking
Featured In Prevention Magazine & Book

"As Walking Editor at PREVENTION MAGAZINE for over 10 years, I recognized the power of walking to transform lives. Dynamic Walking is the best way I have found to help others get more out of every step they take. Suki is a gifted teacher who knows the body inside and out and strives to help people get the most out of their walking experience. Her training translates into better posture, a gliding, fluid stride, less pressure on the low back, hips, legs, and feet and a feeling of grace while walking." 

- Maggie Spilner, Walking Editor, Prevention Magazine

Your Questions Answered

  • What is the process for buddy registrations? What if I want to register more than one buddy? Does my buddy have to be nearby?

    1) Register yourself at the buddy price.
    2) Your buddy will also register at the buddy price.
    3) Send us an email at support@dynamicwalking.com with your Buddy's name and email address so we can confirm their registration.

    You can have multiple buddies. Some students have organized their group of friends to support each other through the program and through the years. Contact the office at support@dynamicwalking.com and we will provide a unique code for your group.

    Your buddy can support you from anywhere in the world. Some Dynamic Walkers walk with their buddy using the phone. (hands-free)

  • What is the weekly time commitment for this program?

    Weekly time commitment can be three to five hours per week. Plan on studying each lesson for 30 minutes. Your Practice Walks are 15-40 minutes each. You can walk a minimum of twice a week or up to a maximum of 5 times a week. The Small-Group Zoom Coaching Program meets for one hour weekly.

  • If I’m not having walking issues, why take this program?

    Think of this as a routine check-up for your walk. An alignment job to ensure you’ll be getting the best mileage over your lifetime. Enrichment and mental stimulation are two more good reasons. This is a master’s level course with material that can challenge you to think and to transform your habits. Another great reason to take this program is to support your buddy - sister, mother, husband, or friend. Share your joy of walking.

  • How long will I have access to this program?

    The program is available online for a year after purchase. The recordings for the zoom coaching sessions are available for a year.

  • Can I practice while I’m walking my dog?

    During your Practice Walks, you need to focus just on yourself and shifting the patterns you’ve identified. No dog. When you walk your dog, practice the changes you’ve been learning.

  • Should I walk if I am in pain or in rehab?

    If you are in severe pain - no. Email me and we'll figure out the next step. (drsuki@dynamicwalking.com) If you are in low to moderate pain, notice which exercises increase or decrease pain - both are clues to making the shift toward a more relaxed, pain-free walk. Build slowly paying attention to how any one change will make shifts everywhere. If you are in rehab, show Dynamic Walking to your therapist and ask for guidance. Share The 7 Common Walking Problems with Smart Solutions for their feedback. Click here to download that guide.

  • Can I add the Coached Program or Private Sessions at a later time?

    Yes. You can begin with Self-Paced. However, you may find that this in-depth training generates a lot of questions you’d like answers to. Our Coached program is limited to 24 spaces so participants get their questions answered.

  • What age group is this program for?

    This program is designed for adults 20 - 75 years of age. You are welcome to share ideas with your kids. Make it fun for best results.

  • Do you have teacher training programs for professionals?

    We have one starting September 23, 2021. Contact Suki Munsell for more information.

Get Lasting Results with Dynamic Walking℠

  • Walking Away From Knee Surgery

    “For two years I limped from a left knee meniscus problem. Although I had taken two series of physical therapy, specialists hadn’t helped. My doctors wanted to operate on my knee. When Suki worked with me, I found out, incredulously, that I was not walking correctly. Under her tutelage I practiced the techniques to accomplish a balanced walk. I have no pain and no limp. My balance has given me more confidence.
    - Michael A.
  • Full Recovery from a Broken Ankle

    "I attended my first training one week out of a cast from a broken ankle. I could not walk, stand, or even sit for an hour without great pain. I planned to sit on the sideline and listen. I walked for two hours that day and never knew I was on my feet. I believe that balance and weight distribution were the key. My recovery soared from that day on. I've been able to lose 30 pounds."

    - Jennifer W.
  • Pain-Free Hikes

    "I have had problems with my knees in trekking and difficult terrain. After two sessions of Dynamic Walking℠, I was able to ascend and descend the Tetons (11,000 feet) pain-free while carrying a pack. I had hiked seven miles the day before and 15 miles the day after. Dynamic Walking is the ambulatory equivalent of flossing."

    - Paul H.

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